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Kyrgyzstan is a real playground for all-mountain hikers.

Kyrgyz Local Travel Agency Who are we?

We are a passionate company that lives and breathes travel. We think travel is one of the most important things anyone can do. Like you we believe travel experiences matter and that it should be accessible to everyone. Our tours have been crafted to be feature-packed, visiting the best places and the top sites at realistic and affordable prices all without reducing quality or the experience. Our experienced and knowledgeable drivers and guides will take you on a journey of discovery throughout Kyrgyzstan. We are focused on home atmosphere and in our tours, we try to cover you by Kyrgyz hospitality stopping in the local families houses.  Find your adventure with us. 

What we do:

KAGAN is a travel agency based in Kyrgyzstan. Since 2008, we organize tailor-made trips, family trips and all kinds of corporate events. Our experience allows us to create interesting programs, to prepare a better logistics corresponding to the quality – price, and to our perfect knowledge of Kyrgyzstan. KAGAN has formed a professional team in tourism with local guide translators, equestrian guides, drivers, and local partners. But also, we have better accommodation corresponding to our offers, prices. Today, we can say that we are travel artisans. Our guides mostly speak French and English. We have a great experience in working in the office, training guides, travel planning, budget calculations, price negotiations, choosing local partners and providers of ecotourism services.

Our mission: 

  • To provide an unforgettable experience of breathtaking nature, unique culture and rich history. 
  • To create opportunities for nomadic people to work in the tourism industry. 
  • Help nomad people collaborating work in tourism.
  • To preserve and practice nomadic traditions, including horseback riding, nomadic games, living in yurts and eating traditional foods. 
  • To promote environmental sustainability by engaging with nature in a respectful and low-impact way. 

Our advantages:

  • Extensive knowledge of the country and history. 
  • Unique and original programs. 
  • High quality of service.
  •  English, French, Russian and Kyrgyz-speaking guides and personal. 
  • Reliable, attentive and responsive guides and staff. 
  • Flexibility in choosing itinerary, destinations and accommodation. 
  • We personalize each trip to meet your needs. 
  • Airport pick up and drop off 
  • We strive to have the best of both worlds, understanding the needs of the foreign traveller while being firmly rooted in the local culture.

Interesting facts:

  • Since September 2016, KAGAN has begun to operate in full.
  • We served more than 300 tourists all over in the world: France, Switzerland, Austria, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Italy and the United States etc.
  • The small team of KAGAN is very proud of its first-year result. 
  • KAGAN has other projects such as KAGAN Taxi, Guesthouse KAGAN and a small regional newspaper KAGAN Times.
  • KAGAN ecotourism is always a priority because we are passionate about showing our beautiful country with its unique culture and tradition to the whole world.  


We specialize:

  • Trekking
  • Different levels of horseback riding
  • Mountain biking and cycling
  • Circuit in 4×4 or minibus
  • Rental cars
  • Ski touring in the south of Issyk Kul and Suusamyr Valley

Kyrgyz Local Travel Agency

Kyrgyz Local Travel Agency

  • We are 100% local travel agency
  • Perfect knowledge of Kyrgyz territory
  • Good concept of international trade
  • Best quality-price of our services
  • Perfect knowledge of Kyrgyz culture and tradition
  • Numerous reliable contacts and professional partners in Kyrgyzstan
  • Support cases: During the whole tour, you will be in touch with your trip manager via whatsapp or other social networks
  • We strive to have the best of both worlds, understanding the needs of the foreign traveler while being firmly rooted in the local culture.

Our team:  

  • Azamat Joumashov
    General manager
    “Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful Central Asian country whose culture, nature are still unknown …”  
  • Makish Turusov
    Transport Manager
    “Kyrgyzstan is a cheap destination, which includes both quality and comfort”  

Our partners: 

We have reliable partners from Kazakhstan, France, and Israel. If you are interested in partnership with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always open and have many advantageous offers for our future partners from different countries around the world.

If you have a story to share or a question that has not been answered on our website, please get in touch with us via contact details on our website

Kyrgyz Local Travel Agency