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Forests and snow peaks

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Forests and snow peaks

Forest and snow peaks is the most popular tour in Kyrgyzstan. 10 days of trekking through the high mountains pass culminated at 3800m. The team of KAGAN would like to show you the most spectacular views, rivers from glaciers, turquoise color of Ala Kul lake and peaks culminated up to 5000m peak Oguz Bashi and Karakol peak. It’s one of the extreme tours which need high physical level and logistical preparation. You will be provided with all the necessary equipment during the tour. We guaranty you successful and interesting trekking in the heart of the Tien Shan mountains. Check the program and book the trip.

Forests and snow peaks

  • CATEGORY:Trekking
  • PRICE:$650
  • SEASON:June - September

Forests and snow peaks

D1 / Meeting at Karakol or somewhere in the south of Issyk-Kul lake. We will pick you up in your lodge. Transfer to the Jukuchak Valley. Installation of the camp near the river. Dinner and overnight in a tent at 2600m. In the evening, we enjoy the hot spring.

D2 / Trek to Jumataï pass. In the morning, we attack the Jumataï pass. at first we ford across the narrow forest. Picnic before attacking the pass. Beautiful panoramic view from the pass at 3325m. Down to the Kichi Kizil Suu valley. We go up this valley. Installation of the camp near the river at 2700m.

D3 / Trekking to Savator pass. A long day of hiking. We cross the pass at 3800m whose climb and descent are steep. A picnic just after the pass. Down to the valley of Chon Kizil Suu. Installation of the camp near the Chon Kizil Suu river at 2700m. In the evening it is possible to make the campfire.

D4 / Trek to Kashka Tor lake. In the morning, we go down to the weather station. Then we cross the river. Go up to the Kashka Tor valley. While our porters set up camp, we go to Kashka Tor lake at 3200m. Return to the camp. Overnight and dinner in a tent at 2800m.

D5 / Trek to the Ashu Tor pass. Very early in the morning, we attack the Ashu Tor pass. The pass is located at 3800m. Nice panoramic view, after a sandy climb. Down to the Jeti-Oguz valley. Overnight and dinner in a tent near the river at 2800m.

D6 / Trek at the foot of Teleti. This day, descent to the intersection of the valleys. Then we go up the valley all along the river. We are approaching at the foot of the pass which culminates at 3800m. Picnic on the way. At the end of the day, we camp at 3100m.

D7 / Trek to the Karakol valley. The long climb to the Teleti pass. Lots of rock in the valley. Picnic on the way. Down to the Karakol valley. Camp installation near the big rocks. Overnight and dinner in a tent at 2500m.

D8 / Trek to Ala-Kul lake. Steep climb day. We walk in the forests, on the pebbles. Picnic at the mountaineers’ camp, Sirota. Continuation of the climb to Ala Kul lake. We camp near the lake at 3500m.

D9 / Trek to the Altyn Arashan Valley. In the morning, we go up to the Ala Kul pass at 3800m. Nice view of the peaks exceeding 5000m. Down to the Altyn Arashan Valley. When we arrive at the camp, we take advantage of the hot spring. Overnight and dinner in the tent at 2600m.

D10 / Trek to Karakol. Last day of trekking. We go down to the meeting point with the driver. Picnic on the way. Meeting with the driver. Transfer to Karakol. End of the service.


  • The visa is not required for EU, Canadian, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japanese passport with at least 6 months valid for a period do not exceed 60 days. No mandatory vaccine.
  • Please take adequate equipment for hiking in the mountains. Sleeping bag, mattress, raincoat, and good hiking shoes.
  • Provide the backpack for picnic and personnel objects. Porters take care of your sleeping bag and mattress.
  • The tour oriented for the adults, +23. Every day, we hike 7 or 8h, around 1000m.
  • Provide your medicament the guide has only a basic pharmacy.
  • Please inform us in you have a preference for some foods; allergic or vegetarian.
  • For the confirmation of the trip, we ask 100$ prepayment as confirmation. In case of cancellation, we keep the prepayment. The rest of the total amount, you have to pay in cash at your arrival in Bishkek.

Explore Kyrgyzstan with KAGAN!

Price per person in USD:

2 pax              1050 $/per

3 pax              870 $/per

4 pax              790 $/per

5 pax              700 $/per

6 pax              650 $/per

Price includes:

  • 1st and last days transfers,
  • English speaking guide,
  • Porters of the food and camping staff,
  • Food,
  • Hots spring water of Jukuchak and Altyn Arashan valleys.

Price excludes:

  • Travel insurance.
  • Alcohol and mineral water.
  • Tax of bank.
  • Accommodation and food in Karakol.
  • Porters of personal luggage

Forests and snow peaks

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