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1st March, 2019, the KAGAN team chose the field for its yurt camp. it is located at 2800m, 200km from the Kyrgyz capital.The yurt camp is intended for lovers of ski touring. For the winter season, the yurt camp KAGAN will run from February 1st until the end of March.

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In winter, as in summer, KAGAN team invites you to discover the Kyrgyz mountains. From 1st February , the KAGAN yurt camp will be available to accommodate skiers. There is a lot of snow and opportunities for beautiful descents. The peaks, around the camp, culminate at 3700m.

Our address: Route M41 (Bishkek – Osh), 200km. you have to walk 30 minutes, because it is not possible to come by vehicle.

Our camp consists of 2 yurts which there is a kitchen and a yurt to sleep. There is no possibility of taking a shower. The toilet is at the bottom of the camp. There is a nice terrace to enjoy the silence of the mountains after a good day of skiing.

The temperature: When there is sun it is good (between 0C ° and + 5C °). Nights can be icy (around -12C °). It is necessary to provide adequate down for the temperature mentioned.

The accommodation price includes: Accommodation, breakfast, picnic and dinner.

We heat the yurts with coal, there is only this possibility.

PS: there is no electricity, the solar charger is necessary for your own needs.

  • PRICE:$40
  • RATE:5
  • SESSION:Winter
  • SESSION Duration:February - March
  • TAKE OFF:14:00
  • LANDING:10:00

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